Who else wants to learn the 6 steps to beat PE?

6 steps to beat pe

Premature ejaculation, or PE for short, is by far the most common problem that men face in bed, what sets it apart from other similar problems however, is the fact that it can be easily dealt with, in fact, according to many experts, there are 6 steps to beat PE.

What’s even better, is the fact that those famous 6 steps to stop PE can also help people who are not actually premature ejaculators last more in bed and have better sex.

In other words, those tips or steps will make your sex life better, regardless of the levels of your sexual stamina. With that being said and before we get started, let’s have a look at the basics.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

A lot of men seem to think that a premature ejaculator is any man, including themselves most of the time, who can not last as long as his favorite porn star in bed. This couldn’t be further than the truth. According to sexual behavior experts and doctors that specialize in urology and andrology, a man can be labeled as a premature ejaculator ONLY if he CONSISTENLY climaxes, in other words ejaculates, before he or his partner is sexually satisfied.

In other words, defining premature ejaculation is most of the times a matter of quality instead of quantity. With that being said, it should be noted that men that CONSISTENTLY last less than two minutes after penetration, usually have some premature ejaculation issues.

What causes Premature Ejaculation?

Here’s where things get a little complicated. The problem with Premature Ejaculation is the fact that it can be caused by a very wide variety of reasons. Its causes can be both psychological and physiological in nature and they range from good old performance anxiety and over excitement, all the way to prostate infections and even some forms of cancer.

Before we start with the six steps to beat PE, which will address both psychological and physiological causes of early ejaculation, I should clarify that if you think that you have an early ejaculation problem, then you should first visit a doctor and get checked up before you take any actions whatsoever. Better safe than sorry!

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at those famous steps!

Step 1: Understand your arousal cycle

All mean are different when it comes to sex. There are different things that turn each man on and each man’s sex drive and excitement rises and falls at entirely different and unique rates. The process that takes a man from starting to feel sexually excited all the way to his climax, is known as the arousal or the male response cycle. This process is unique for each and every man and it contains a point known as “the point of no return”.

Once this point is reached, ejaculation becomes all but inevitable. If you want to be able to control your ejaculation and prolong your staying power in bed, then you will have to pinpoint your point of no return and adjust your behavior and performance accordingly once you feel it approaching. The best way to pinpoint the PNR is to masturbate slowly a few times and pay extra close attention to the way your body feels just seconds before ejaculation.

This is your PNR. Once you feel it approaching, you should slow down with your movements or even stop them completely for a few seconds in order to allow yourself to cool down a bit.

Step 2: Relax!

Stress and anxiety can cause all sorts of problems to both your mind and your body and they can also wreak havoc on your sexual performance. Simply put, if you are not relaxed and as stress free as possible while having sex, then you are essentially dooming yourself to perform badly.

relax and stop premature ejaculation

Try to leave all your problems and issues such as your bills and debts aside when you are having sex. When you are in bed with your partner, your mind should be practically empty. I realize that this is easier said than done, but there are a lot of relaxation techniques and exercises that can be found online and they will help you learn how to drive away your stress in a relatively short amount of time.

Step 3: Don’t treat sex like a big deal

Simply put, the more you think about sex, both in a positive and a negative way, or the bigger a deal you make out of it, the sooner you will ejaculate. Don’t worry about how long you last or whether you will actually be able to please your partner this night or not.

Your mind can make what you think reality and it can’t differentiate between the things you think about because you want them to happen and the things that you think about because you don’t want them to happen.

The same goes for anticipating sex too much. Getting too worked up and excited about having sex will send your sexual arousal into overdrive and once you get into bed with your partner, you will go through its various stages in just a few fractions and by the time you get to the point of no return, there will be nothing that you can to stop its impending arrival and your climax.

What I am trying to get at, is that you shouldn’t always be thinking or worrying about sex and your performance.

Step 4: Get in shape

how to overcome premature ejaculationOkay, this might be the most obvious of the 6 steps to beat PE, but it is also one of the most overlooked. Sex can be and most times is very physically demanding which means that in order to increase your stamina in bed, you will first have to increase your overall stamina.

I am not saying that you need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger or that you have to have Matthew McConaughey’s abs and six pack in order to last longer in bed, but getting a little exercise and getting fit will help you get tired less when you are having sex.

Once you get too sexually excited and your point of no return starts approaching, your heart rate gets faster and faster and your breathing gets shallower and shallower, this essentially forces your brain to “order” the body to ejaculate, in order to protect itself.

If you get in shape, then you will be able to fight and delay this “order” as much as possible and this will allow you to extend your time in bed, regardless of whether you have a premature ejaculation problem or not.

Step 5: Strengthen your PC muscles

pc muscleYou might not know it, but your ejaculation is pretty much controlled by a muscle known as the Pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle for short.

This muscle expands and contracts and essentially controls not only when your ejaculation will happen, but also how strong it is going to be. Simply put, the stronger this muscle is, the more you will be able to last in bed.

But how do you make it stronger? Well, the first thing that you will have to do is locate it and believe it or not, this is actually pretty easy. The next time you urinate just try to stop the stream of your urine mid stream. That part of the body that you feel tightening and getting clenched is your PC muscle.

Once you locate your PC muscle, making it stronger is not actually really difficult. There actually are a series of exercises that you can do known as the Kegels workout that have been specifically designed and invented for that purpose. The simplest and most effective exercise of the Kegels workout is to simply pretend that you are trying to stop your urine mid stream a few times a day and keep that muscle clenched for about 20 seconds at a time.

You can even perform this exercise while working or riding on the subway or the bus. There are of course more Kegels exercises for you to try, but I don’t have the time nor the space to mention them all here. Just Google “Kegels workout” or something similar and you will get tons of matches. I should also mention that having a strong PC muscle will also keep away incontinence!

Step 6: Overcome nature’s programming.

Okay, this is the last and most complicated of the 6 steps to beat PE. In order for you to fully understand what I mean by the name of the entry of the title, I will have to begin with a short science or biology lesson. Nature is all about getting things done.

control premature ejaculationNature only gets about the result and not the actual process, which means that as far as “she” is concerned, the purpose of sex is to create offspring and not to provide the parties involved with pleasure or entertainment.

For nature sex is for procreation and not for recreation and because of that, all males are “programmed” to climax as fast as possible when they are having sex.

Why is that, you may be wondering, well the answer is simple: sex in nature is a very risky business. When two animals are having sex, they are both completely vulnerable and open to attacks by other animals and predators.

Also, a lot of times a male mates with a female without her consent and in most cases, the female of the species is larger, stronger and more ferocious, which means that a male’s mating attempts can result in its injury or even death. Hence, it is essential that males are able to “take care of business” as quickly as possible.

What does this mean? That as far as nature is concerned, what we call premature ejaculation is OK and it should be the rule instead of the exception. In other, you may be thinking that you are ejaculating early, but you are just doing exactly what Mother Nature wants you to do.

The good news is that this programming can be overridden, the bad news is that it can also be reinforced. The answer in both cases is masturbation. Simply changing your masturbation habits can change that programming and increase your stamina in bed. How does that work though? Well, most men start masturbating when they hit their early teens.

During that period of their life they live under the same roof as their parents and / or siblings, this means that they have to indulge in their new hobby in privacy and secrecy in order to avoid getting caught literally with their pants down. This means that they usually try to get to their climax as fast as possible when they are masturbating, a habit that stays with them as they grow older. Those quick masturbation sessions are reinforcing their natural programming and they are essentially telling their brains that sex should be over and done with as quickly as possible.

In order to override this reinforcing, you will have to start masturbating regularly and you will also have to take your sweet time with each of your masturbation sessions. ideally those sessions should be getting progressively longer. The longer those sessions are, the easier it will be for you to overcome nature’s programming and rectify the damage caused by your previous bad masturbation habits.

So there you have it, those six steps should be enough to help just about overcome PE and they should also help people who just want to last longer in bed. With that being said however, I must once again stress that visiting a doctor before starting with the steps is essential and should be considered mandatory.