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how to last longer in bed naturalOne of the most common problems that men have been facing in bed pretty much since the dawn of time is premature ejaculation and how to last longer in bed.

By that I mean that they other come way too fast, ie just within seconds of vaginal penetration, or they are not able to last long enough in order to fully satisfy themselves and their partners.

As you can probably tell, frequent early ejaculation can have very destructive consequences on a man’s psyche. It can make him feel inadequate and less of a man and it can even put him off sex completely!

So, it goes without saying that men have always been looking for ways to stop premature ejaculation or to become able to last longer in bed.

If men learn how to last longer in bed, they will become able to satisfy every woman they have sex with, be it their wife, girlfriend or just some girl they picked up in a bar for a one night stand. In short, overcoming quick ejaculation and learning how to last longer during sex, is the first step towards becoming a sex god that all the women will want to jump into bed with again and again. Let’s have a look at just a few of the benefits of delayed ejaculation, shall we?

  • You will no longer be embarrassed because you ejaculate quickly. From now on, you and your partners will be able to have long sex and your partners will all be surprised and delighted by your new found sexual stamina and abilities. Not only will you leave your woman sexually satisfied, she won’t be able to get enough of you!
  • No more feeling like a newbie in bed. In order to prolong ejaculation, you will have to learn some new sex techniques and assume some new and exciting sex positions. Those will provide great amounts of pleasure to your woman and they will also make her feel that you are an experienced lover with lots of amazing and exotic sexual skills. Continue your page here…
  • Being able to successfully and effectively prevent premature ejaculation, means that you will gain back your lost confidence and you will no longer feel insecure and inadequate in bed. If there is one aphrodisiac that works on all women, it’s male confidence!

As you can see, overcoming premature ejaculation and increasing your sex stamina will simply make you a much happier and more satisfied man. However, before we start talking about how to cure premature ejaculation, let’s have a look at its most common and most important causes. You will be surprised by what you read, I can guarantee it!

Genetic programming

Believe it or not, ALL MALES in nature are hardwired to ejaculate as quickly

as possible,in other words,when you are coming too soon, you are just following

 nature’s plan and design. But why is that happening? Well, the reason is

very simple: as far as nature and evolution in concerned, sex is meant only

for procreation and NOT for recreation. In other words, when

a man has sex, nature wants him to get his partner pregnant as soon

as possible, which explains the lack of sexual stamina.

Thankfully, this “genetic programming” can be overridden!

Lack of sexual knowledge
Us men claim to know all there is to know about sex, but there area lot of

very basic stuff that we are just ignoring. For example,

did you know that your penis is probably the worst tool

that you can use to provide a woman with sexual satisfaction?

It’s 100% true! 3 out of 4 women


Most men just rush to get to their woman’s vagina and that’s one

of the most causes of premature ejaculation!

Increasing your sexual expertise will not only provide

you with more staying power, it will also provide your woman with more

pleasure and better orgasms!


I know that the above paragraph may have left you feeling a bit baffled, so let’s have a more in depth look at the things I touched upon!

The secrets of female sexual satisfaction

The reason that you visited our website is that want to be able to sexually satisfy all the women you have sex with, right? Well, like I said in the above paragraph, this can be done BEFORE you get your penis in their vagina.

tips for men to how last longer in bed

All it takes is adapting your sexual performance a bit and your woman will be ecstatic every time you have sex with her. What do I mean by “adapting your sexual performance” though? Let’s see:


Use new sexual skills

According to experts, various sex techniques and sex positions can lead women to climax very quickly, even if it usually takes way too long for them to get there. Knowing and using these techniques, means that you will be able to fully satisfy your woman, without having to dramatically last longer in bed sexually.

In other words, there are ways to provide satisfying sex to your woman, that don’t require you to have the sex stamina of a porn star (which is usually the result of some clever use of editing tricks), because they can make her reach her climax, way before you do. If you want to sexually fulfill your partner, you may just have to improve your sexual knowledge a bit, as well as increase stamina a bit. Speaking of sexual knowledge:

Understand the female body

One of the main reasons that men seem to lack climax control, which results in them cumming too fast when they are in bed with a beautiful woman, is the fact that they think that a woman’s ONLY erogenous zone is her vagina. That’s DEAD wrong!

A woman’s body has many erogenous zones, so the next time you sleep with a woman, try to explore her entire body and find her most sensitive erogenous zones. This will make for longer sex that will be a lot more satisfying for her and it will also lower her sexual resistance, which means that it will make her climax arrive a lot faster than it would through vaginal penetration alone.

The way to becoming a perfect lover

As you can probably tell, becoming a perfect lover that women won’t be able to get enough of and one that they will always remember, is not as simple as finding ways to last longer in bed or learning how to control premature ejaculation. Those things are important, don’t get me wrong, but they are not enough by themselves!

Enriching your sexual knowledge, especially as far as female anatomy and erogenous zones are concerned, is of equal, if not greater importance. In other words, an ideal and unforgettable lover should possess a combination of sexual endurance and sexual expertise in order to provide his partners with immense amounts of sexual satisfaction. This is where we come in!

The complete package

Most websites will just offer information and products on how to overcome premature ejaculation and how to increase stamina. Others will just provide you with a couple of tips or new sex position to try out. Our website will provide you with the complete package.

Not only will you learn the most valuable and important secrets to lasting longer in bed, you will also learn secret sexual knowledge that will help you become better in bed. In short, if you are interested in becoming a sex god or a real life pron star, this is the only site you will ever have to visit. Oh, but wait, there’s more!

Learn the art of seduction

Learning new sexual skills and becoming able to stop and control pre ejaculation is cool and all, but it’s pointless unless you have a woman or women to experience your newfound sexual prowess. So, while other sites focus on what to do with a beautiful woman that is already in your bed, our site will also help you get the most beautiful women you meet or lay your eyes upon in a bar or party to your bed!

I bet that there isn’t a straight guy out there that wouldn’t wanna have sex with the hottest women he sees. The thing is though, that most men are troubled by sexual insecurities and low self esteem and they think that approaching a girl is too difficult and guaranteed to end with a slap or a drink in the face.

What if I were to tell you that you can totally learn how to pick up girls easily and effectively and that there are people out there who have transformed seduction into a science by applying principles and findings of psychology and anthropology to their pick up routines?

Wouldn’t you wanna learn how to meet women without worrying about making an ass out of yourself? Of course you would, and we can help you with that! Our website contains information and guides on:

  • How to talk to girls: A lot of men have trouble even when it comes to talking to hot girls that they don’t know! Our website will help you overcome your fear and insecurities and learn how to approach a girl and the right things to say, in order to make the girl become genuinely interested in you.
  • How to pick up girls: Ever seen a hottie that you would give your right arm just for a night with her? Well, our website will teach you how to get her to come to bed with you, without having to lose an arm, or anything else in the process! Heck, if you follow our guides on how to attract women to the letter, the hotties will be coming to you and not the other way around!
  • How to get a girlfriend: Meeting and sleeping with women you meet at bars and parties is cool and fun, but eventually you will come across that “special someone” that you will want to get into a relationship with. Our site will help you get your girlfriend and keep your relationship fresh and exciting for many months or even years to come!

So, what do you need to remember at the end? First of all, premature ejaculation is not the end of the world or your sex life. It is a problem, sure, but a problem that can be solved. In fact, it can be solved really easy if you know how.

Secondly, even if you are not a premature ejaculator there are many ways to make you last longer in bed. Stamina in bed is very important when it comes to pleasing a woman sexually and it will also provide you with a much needed ego and confidence boost. Being confident and believing in yourself in general is very important not only when it comes to your performance in the sack, but also in life in general.

Thirdly, although sexual stamina is very important, it is usually not enough to make you an amazing lover. In order to become the kind of lover that women will simply be unable to resist, you need to learn the secrets of the female body and sexuality. Once you learn the right tricks and sexual techniques, your sexual partners will simply not be able to get enough of you. They will always be asking you for more. This is because you will offer them incredible amounts of pleasure and amazing orgasms that they will never forget!

Finally, all those tips and tricks that will make you a better lover are a bit useless without a partner to try them with. Well, believe it or not, there are ways that can help you get pretty much any girl you want or like. There are many men out there that have used psychology and behavioral sciences to study women and come up with reliable ways that can help any man get the girl of his dreams. Seduction is not something magical or a matter of luck and chemistry, it is an art and there are men out there that have mastered it and they can help other men do so as well. I am not talking about love potions and other mumbo jumbo like that, I am talking about certain things you can do and words you can say that will make pretty much any woman wanna get into bed with you, regardless of how out of your league she is! Pretty cool, huh?

Now, learning all of the things mentioned above usually requires countless hours of study and research. Luckily, we have already done that for you! This is why is your first and only stop in the journey towards becoming an amazing lover. From dealing with premature ejaculation, to learning amazing sex tricks and techniques, to learning how to pick up any woman you can dream of, we have you got you covered. If you have ever wanted to make yourself an amazing lover, a real life Don Juan de Marco, you have to the right place! Your journey begins now and we are sure that it will be very pleasant and exciting!

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